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6240 SW 88 St, Pinecrest
Designed by Domo Architecture
Villa Onda
Located in the picturesque neighborhood of Pinecrest, this residence harmoniously combines eco-conscious design and minimalist aesthetics, boasting over 10,000 square feet of living space. The architectural concept prioritizes seamless indoor-outdoor living, harnessing abundant natural light to reduce reliance on artificial illumination during daylight hours. At the heart of the property lies an expansive swimming pool adorned with cascading water features, acting as a unifying focal point that interconnects all facets of the home. The essence of tropical modernism is elegantly encapsulated through the residence's design philosophy, characterized by its clean lines, understated color palette, use of exotic woods, and incorporation of locally sourced stone finishes. Transitioning from one interior space to another is effortless, with a fluid and luminous flow that perfectly synchronizes each area. The cantilevered second story adds a dramatic touch, purposefully amplifying the overall design aesthetics while providing breathtaking vistas of the lush one-acre tropical landscape that envelops the property
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Defining Features :
SQ. FT. Lot Area
SQ. FT. Living Area
Car Garage
Additional Features
Staff Quarters Guest Quarters Eight Car Garage Media Room Theater Room Indoor & Outdoor Bars Gym Spa Tropical Modern Poolscape
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